Salmon Days Festival 2014: the Issaquah-Chefchaouen connection


I am excited about this year’s Salmon days festival happening on the weekend of October 4th 2014.

Since 1970, the yearly festival has been bringing together the community for a weekend  of celebration with music, food, entertainment and much more. Last year, an estimated 150,000 people attended the festival including some artists and a delegation from Chefchaouen, Morocco – Issaquah’s sister city. I have the pleasure of serving on the Sister city commission of Issaquah helping promote cultural exchanges between the two communities.

Embarking on a new Startup:

Seattle Yoga News

After shutting down my last startup, leaving Microsoft, traveling across Southeast Asia for several months and then getting back to Seattle – My goal has been to start a new tech startup focused on digital advertising measurement. I have been researching the topic, growing my expertize in this space, talking to target customers, prototyping…. And I intend to continue doing so and plan on launching this startup in the future but I am putting this plan on hold for a little while.

Back from 3.5 months in Southeast Asia: here is my top 10 list

104 days, 6 countries, 20 cities, 27 different hotel beds, 9 flights, 3 overnight train rides, 6 long-haul buses, 9 ferry rides, countless taxis/buses/metros, 6 different scooters & 2 bicycles rented, hundreds of miles walked/hiked/ran, 4000+ pictures/videos, many new friendships and countless experiences and amazing memories later: out trip across Southeast Asia has come to an end and we are back to Seattle right on time to celebrate the Seahawks’ Superbowl victory.


We are in Hue Vietnam and Typhoon Haiyan is coming


We have started our multi-month trip across southeast Asia 2.5 weeks ago and have traveled to Hong Kong then to northern Vietnam where we got the chance to explore Hanoi, Sapa then Ha long Bay. On Thursday night, we decided to take an overnight train from Hanoi to the imperial city of Hue in central Vietnam.

It is not until we arrived to Hue Friday morning, turned on CNN/BBC and got online that we found out about super typhoon Haiyan devastating the Philippines and heading towards coastal Vietnam, more specifically to the Da Nong/Hue area where we happen to be at the moment.

Good bye Microsoft, Hello Startup World: I am quitting my job

I am quitting my job at Microsoft after 8 years and 8 months with the company. October 21st 2013 marks my last day with Microsoft. I have had a lot of fun along the way, I learned a lot but I decided that it was time for me to focus full time on pursuing my entrepreneurial passion, but before embarking on this new chapter of my life, I decided to take a little time to explore one of my other passions, travel, with my other half. We are planning in traveling across Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia…) for the next few months before coming back to Seattle in February with the goal to focus full time on building my new startup which will be geared towards digital advertising measurement.

Rencontre Mensuelle des Fondateurs des Start-ups au Maroc

Êtes-vous le fondateur d’une start-up technologique marocaine? Voulez-vous avoir l’opportunité de rencontrer régulièrement d’autres fondateurs de startups locales? Eh bien, si la réponse est oui, alors vous pouvez vous inscrire à la Rencontre mensuelle des fondateurs des start-ups au Maroc .

[Cet article est aussi disponible en anglais]

Après un premier évènement réussi le 12 Septembre 2013 à Casablanca , nous avons décidé d’en faire un meetup mensuel récurrent chaque deuxième jeudi de chaque mois de 18h à 20h à Casablanca.

Monthly Tech Startup Founders Meetup in Morocco

Are you the founder of a Moroccan technology startup? Wouldn’t it be cool to meet up regularly with other local startup founders? Well, if the answer to these questions is Yes then you want to sign up for the Monthly Moroccan Tech Startup Founders Meetup.

[This article is also available in French]

After a first successful event on the 12th of September 2013 in Casablanca, we decided to make this a recurring monthly meetup on the second Thursday of each month from 6pm to 8pm in Casablanca.

I am shutting down my Startup Govpinion and here is what I learned

Govpinion-Logo-300pxToday, I am announcing that I am shutting down my startup:! Govpinion was a social entrepreneurship venture which I started 2 years ago in Morocco with the goal of driving more transparency and accountability from the government and the public administration. It consisted of a web portal that allowed citizens to review and share their feedback about public officials and public institutions in the country.

In this post, I’d like to share the reasons why I am ending this chapter of my life but I also want take a little time to reflect back on the journey and share some of the lessons I learned from this experience.

نصائح لأصحاب المشاريع التقنية في العالم العربي


خلال الأشهر القليلة الماضية، حصلت على فرصة للسفر إلى عدة بلدان في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا بما في ذلك المغرب والإمارات والعراق. بينما كنت هناك، قضيت الكثير من الوقت مع العديد من أصحاب المشاريع التقنية، وأجريت الكثير من المحادثات طويلة معهم تهم مشهد البداية في العالم العربي و عن التحديات التي تواجهم وكيف يمكن تحسينها. في هذا المقال، أود أن أشاطركم بعض النصائح من خلال تجربتي و التي آمل أن تساعد أصحاب المشاريع التقنية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا و أن تساعد في تعزيز بيئة انطلاق دينيامكية قوية في جميع أنحاء المنطقة. (هذه النصائح قد تكون أيضا ذات الصلة لأصحاب المشاريع التقنية  في أماكن أخرا من العالم)

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